Playview App For iPhone Download

What do you do to kill time while you are stuck in traffic, waiting in a line or just bored at work? Most of us play games on our phones but as we all know it gets tiring pretty soon and mobile games are never satisfying, you need a better alternative to kill time anywhere which brings the comfort of your living room, the Playview app for iPhone, iPad. playview-download

Love watching movies and TV shows on your smart phone? Well now you can watch them on Playview apk using your iPhone or iPad. Playview is an entertainment app that lets you watch movies and TV shows, movies, documentary, YouTube videos and much more using only a single app. Playview app was initially developed for android devices to provide free TV shows and movies for all and now it has been launched for iOS devices as well.

You can download Playview app for iPhone from our website for free and can enjoy free TV like experience on your smart phone anytime from anywhere around the globe and now waiting will never be as boring as it used to be before.

Features of Playview app

Explore all the features of the Playview app for iOS devices and see why you should try the Playview app for yourself and enjoy the free media experience on your iPhone or iPad.

Playviewcontains thousands of latest movies and exclusive TV shows at present with neatly mentioned categories that help you find the media content you are looking for faster.

New movies and TV shows are uploaded on the Playview app regularly adding to its already huge collection and making it far better than what its competitors offer.

Playview lets you stream videos, movies and TV shows in 720p and 1080p full high definition for free.

Download Playview for iPhone

You can download and install the Playview app on your iOS device and stream all the exclusive media content for free whenever you like.

Just download the Playview app for iPhones from here and then install it on your iOS device, the installation process will start automatically. Make sure you have turned on the option for ‘install from untrusted sources’ before installing the Playview app.

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave your views about the Playview app using the comment section below, we will be happy to help you.

SHAREit – Sharing is free!

shareit 2

SHAREit is an application that gives you indispensable service. It allows you to share your files without any Bluetooth connection or USB portal. Users can share almost anything – Files, documents, music, pictures, messages or even the whole contact list. Isn’t this cool?

According to Lenovo, the most frequently asked question about SHAREit are – “Is it free of cost?”,  “Does it work over other devices leaving lenovo?”,  ” How much time does it take to share a file?”,  ” Is it safe to share things on SHAREit?”

Therefore, I’ll answer these questions today in a very crisp and short manner.

shareit logoIs it FREE?

First of all, let me tell you that, SHAREit is totally free of cost, be it, on mobile phones. PCs or Tablets. So, if you are visiting some site that is asking you for payment then I’ll recommend you to get the hell out of there. I am sure it’s not safe. SHAREit is available on Lenovo’s official website, so, users can always download SHAREit for PC’s that too free. Download here.

For Smartphones users like Android or Windows, they can download SHAREit from their Play stores. And again please let me remind you all that it’s  for free.

I am very sorry for iPhone users, it is still not available for iOS users. But I am sure they are going to release it soon. So, All the best!

Works on other devices?

As I have already mentioned above, SHAREit is available for other devices as well. It’s just not available for iPhone users. I am sure it will be launched soon.

Time to share?

According to Lenovo, its gives you 200 times better speed than Bluetooth. It does not matter how big the file is. The only thing that matters is that, you should have the same WiFi connection. There can be some technical problems while sharing the file that can slower your speed of sharing – WiFi environment, distance between two phones and the reading speed of your memory card. So, I would recommend that you try and put your phone closer to each other.

Safe to share?

Yes, Lenovo gives you the guarantee of safest sharing experience. SHAREit uses a WiFi technology  SoftAP to receive and transfer files. I guess this is the safest option till now. To be on the safer side, you should always keep an anti – virus application downloaded in your phone.

The one thing that I love about Lenovo is that it allows its users to Clone their phone. So, recently I just got new phone for myself. It was really difficult to send my contacts to other phone one by one. I decided to CLONEit. CLONEit is another application by Lenovo, users can always send there contact list and messages in one go. You all should try it!

“The more we share, the more we have” – So keep sharing!

These were some important questions that I thought I should answer. For any other question or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments below ASAP. Thank you!







Vidmate tips to get audio downloads

Vidmate is perfect for those who love songs and music. At first look , the app will look like it caters exclusively to video enthusiasts. But there are in fact quite a lot of people who download entire song playlists via the app. Why? Because the app is one of the most convenient ways to find your favorite music, browse related music and download them all. Here’s how you can get your favorite songs via Vidmate.Vidmate tips to get audio downloads

  1. Launch Vidmate
  2. Search for your movie, artist or song title.
  3. If it is a movie, you can find related background scores in the search results under the movies results. This is especially helpful for musicals and bollywood movies.
  4. Searching for Artists often yields great playlists.
  5. Song titles will never disappoint you. The app offers you the easiest way to get your favorite songs on your device by direct download within the app.
  6. There are related songs and albums that are listed underneath each search result that you open individually. It is by far the easiest method to discover your favorite genre, artist or music similar in some other way.

This was some quick 411 on how you can get the most out of your Vidmate apk. Isn’t that quite the revelation? there is so much the app can do for you. What feature do you like best? Tell us in the comments below.

Garageband app – features, & how to use

Garageband is a music creation application that lets you create music whenever and wherever you want. It basically lets you carry all the musical instruments and a whole recording studio in your pocket. With an array of amazing features and an easy to use interface, this application has become one of the best music creation applications in the world. This application is currently available for all the apple devices.

garageband for windows pc


There’s a wide range of touch enabled musical instruments and unique features that lets you create your own music. You can not only create music but also download music lessons for guitar and piano from the Garageband’s Lesson Store.

Live Loops

The most perceptible feature that this app offers is the Live Loops. Live loops have made it easy to create electronic music by filling up the empty cells with your desired loops. Additionally, there are 9 in build live loops templates for the people who don’t want to get started with empty set of grids. Be it dubstep, be it rock or be it electronic music, you have an inbuilt template for every genre.


The application has recently added another amazing feature i.e. Drummer. With this feature, you get a set of nine acoustic and electronic drummer sessions each having its own signature sound and style which lets you add realistic beats to your music.

Music Memos

With a single button tap, you can start your audio recording with the help of this feature. Music memos not only records music but also smartly recognizes tempos, bars and notes in real time. This feature makes sure that your music is never off the beat and is always synced. After the recording is done, you can add your desired beats and combine it with some live loops.

How to Use

Garageband for Windows is a very easy to use music creation application that lets you create music easily with its touch enabled instruments. Most of the tasks can be completed just by a tap.

When you get started, you’ll have a set of 8 bars to work with. You can extend the number of bars by tapping the “+” sign at the right corner and selecting the number of bars you require. Also, you can set the size of the bars to ‘automatic’ which will extend the bars until your music is done.

You can add your desired number of sections by the ‘add’ button and if you wish to work separately on a specific section, hold your finger on the track and swipe to the left.

You can not only create sections with this application, but can also edit and record it before combining the whole project.

Best Snapchat Alternatives

Though Snapchat Online is an application which is truly one of its kinds, there are still applications which can work in a similar manner and also provide a variety of additional features. After all, we always need alternatives.

snapchat online 1

Here is a list of some alternatives to Snapchat:

  1. Wickr

It is basically an instant messaging application available on both Android and iOS as it allows users to send encrypted messages in the form of pictures, text messages as well as videos, files, etc. Since it is quite similar to Snapchat, the messages that are exchanged are self destructive and hence vanish after a couple of minutes.

  1. Slingshot

This is another IM application which would be an ideal alternative to Snapchat. The messages sent via the application are temporary. However, the thing that sets this app apart is that you can reply to peers by creating your own videos and photos.

  1. Yovo

Yovo is available on only iOS though, but the amazing thing about it is that it has taken over Snapchat by proving to be a better one.

The media files or the pictures disappear after you have sent them,; however, one can always take screenshots and keep them, which might be not a very good idea if the files are personal.

Though it doesn’t keeps you from taking screenshots, a wave does makes thing blurs once the screenshot has been taken which means the picture will be useless.

  1. Clipchat

Clipchat is almost a replica of Snapchat and comes with the idea of self destructive pictures with a simple user interface.

Clipchat comes with a very graceful interface and is quite simple and once the pictures have been sent, the receiver would get a blurred preview. Once there is a click on the picture, only then will the picture get clear and not be blurred anymore.

  1. Cyberdust

Cyberdust is yet another usefull application which ahs some really cool features in store. The basic features of self destructive messages remains, it also has a few features which have been locked. Also, you have an option to pin the messages if you wish to look at them later. The application allows you to send images along with URLs, animations and many stickers.

That was all about the alternatives to Snapchat, some that have features which set Snapchat apart and some which make the others better. Happy pictures all around!

How to download ShowBox in Windows?

Movies and TV shows have always been one of the best things to pass leisure time. But now, they are the only thing that builds up the excitement and thrill in our lives. To download movies, we often go to torrent sites and honestly speaking, it is more like an Apple iPhone launch as you are daily coming to the website for the perfect print and then you get it after 8 months. Well, showBox movies app for PC is the answer for all those miserable waits as the application is one of the best movies and TV shows streaming application available for Android and iOS. If you want the application in your Windows 7 or Higher Laptop, then you can easily follow the following simple steps.


Download ShowBox for Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1

  1. As we all know, Windows cannot play applications of Android on its own and needs an emulator to do so. Well, the most famous Android Emulator is the Blue Stacks application which will open any android application on your windows laptop.
  2. You can easily find the Blue Stacks emulator on the internet for free. All you need to do is download the setup and install the Blue Stacks app successfully on your Windows running PC
  3. Now, search for the latest version of the ShowBox application for android and download its apk file.
  4. After successfully downloading the apk file of the ShowBox app, run the apk file in the Blue Stacks app.
  5. After the installation is finished, enjoy the ShowBox app.

How to use ShowBox app?

  • ShowBox is a great app which allows its users to download or stream movies or TV shows online. The best thing about the ShowBox application is that it is 100% safe and it doesn’t even require any kind of registration or any fee.
  • The main page of the application opens up with the movies that were released recently on the app and also the famous ones. You can visit the TV SHOWS tab to see your favorite episodes and also the new releases.
  • You can easily download the desired quality of the movie starting from 360p to 1080p full HD. The most impressive thing about the application is that all the qualities of the movies or TV Shows are not the cam recorded version and this is where the application beats torrents!

ShowBox is really a great application which offers a really great productivity and it is not even too hard to find!

Has hike messenger surpassed WhatsApp? Decide for yourself!

Well, we all know how WhatsApp came into being; from practically nowhere. However, hike messenger came out as an application which allows sending free messages through the app and also share in app messages. Gradually, there happened many changes and evolutions; that is how hike and WhatsApp landed to where they are now!

whatsapp 6

Let us see how well can we distinguish the apps and who could be the winner!

  1. File Size: We all know that every time we wish to share large files we choose hike over WhatsApp as the former allows for 100 mb of files to be shared while the latter allows for only 16MB!


  1. Earn some money: everyone knows that hike comes up with those rewards and often gets your recharges too. For each referral you gain Rs. 20 and those can be redeemed as talk time with a maximum permissible limit of Rs. 50. In case you are now thinking why would the messenger pay to you; well, it is because by referring, you are promoting their application and hence all the rewards.
  2. Chat themes and stickers: Well, hike messenger turns out to be fun because of all those additional stickers and backgrounds. You can have different environments for each friend and change them as and when you wish to too! They are updates every once in a while and new ones keep coming in a month or so!


  1. Free SMS: That is what the USP of Hike messenger is. You can send messages to the non hike friends and also be notified about the same! Again, invitations will be earning you rewards!


  1. Notifications and more: Here, you have different ways for the same notifications. The last seen remains the same for both, while delivery notifications are different for each, WhatsApp ahs blue ticks, double ticks and single ticks while hike messenger has letters such as ‘R’, ‘D’ and ‘S’.


  1. Payment: We all know hike is free completely as of any and is also free of advertisement. WhatsApp on the other hand charges you $1 after 12 months of free usage.


  1. Better Privacy: WhatsApp syncs your contacts and then display them on to your WhatsApp list while hike requires you to add them up on your list in order to talk to them!


  1. 128 Bit SSL Encryption: This feature has been incorporated keeping in mind the use of public wi-fi so that possible hackers can be kept away from the accounts and hence keep stuff safe!


  1. Hidden Mode: Yet another new feature added on hike in order to keep your chat safe and hidden from others. This indeed is quite an intriguing feature which again puts WhatsApp into a backseat.


Well, this was all on a comparison between the two applications: hike messenger and WhatsApp messenger. It is quite clear though that hike has managed to do better in terms of features and uses while WhatsApp has taken the show away with its user base and popularity!


Social media appearance is essential for any website. Social Media icons help a lot to get more shares and likes for content of websites.

Mostly newbie bloggers don’t know how to add social media icons to their website. That’s why I wrote this guide for you.


Today no one can deny the importance of social media. Social media is great way to get traffic for your website. There is no pro blogger who would avoid importance of social media. With social media icons, your content get shared and liked on social media networks. As a result, your targeted traffic get increased. So if you are seeking help for adding social media icons then you are on right place.

So without taking more time, let’s dig in guide on adding social media icons on wordpress.

  • First thing to do is installing Menu Social Icon on your wordpress blog. Don’t forget to activate it.
  • After that go to Appearance through left menu and click on Menus.
  • Now you need to create a brand new menu from edit menu section. Choose suitable name for your menu, and then click on Create Menu.
  • Now you will see list of social media sites in front of you. Just select the social media sites you want and then click on Custom link option in front of each site. You have to add profile URL in that custom link option and click on Add to Menu. You have to repeat this process for each social media site you want to add.
  • In the end, you can drag these buttons to any location on your website as per your choice.

This was really easy tutorial on adding social media icon on wordpress blog. Anyone can add social media icons to his blog by following above cited steps.